(1) ToxChemMap. A tool to visualize toxicological and physicochemical properties of EU relevant chemicals

[...Under construction...] This tool provides a framework to explore physicochemical, human toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of hundred of thousands of chemicals relevant in the EU context.

(2) ExPCom. A tool to infer cell-cell communnication using scRNAseq datasets

This repository provides a tool to infer cell-cell communnication using a scRNAseq dataset. ExPCom allows to replicate the analysis found in Brunner et al. (2024). The functions calculate communication scores for any set of ligand-receptor pairs (e.g. CellChat Database) based on expression product. The L*R expression product method allows to obtain a continuous value by multiplying all possible combinations of the expression of both interacting molecules between two given cell types.
(3) DPGEA. A Differential Pseudospatial Gradient Expression Analysis for scRNAseq data

This repository provides a framework to explore scRNAseq datasets displaying pseudospatial distributions. The function calculates Differential Pseudospatial Gradient Expression (DPGEA) as transitional points within the pseusopace calculated using Monocle3. DPGEA allow to replicate the analysis available in Brunner et al. (2024) to identify tanycyte/ependyma specific and overlaping markers.

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