Environmental History

A Non-Exaustive Timeline Overview of Critical Events Related to the History Towards Sustainability

  1. - Hans Karl von Carlowithz coined the term Sustainability

  2. - UN Conference on the Human Environment (Stockholm)

  3. - Brundtland Comission or UN World Comission on Environment and Development

  4. - Publication of "Our Common Future" by the Brundtland Comission

  5. - Rio Earth Summit or UN Conference on Environment and Development (Rio de Janeiro)

    - Establishment of the "UN Comission on Sustainable Development (CSD)"

    - Non-binding publications: "Agenda 21", "Rio Declaration" & "Statement of Forest Principles"

    - Legally binding agreements: "Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)" & "Convention on Biological Diversity"

  6. - Triple Bottom Line Concept (John Elkington)

  7. - World Summit on Social Development (Copenhagen)

  8. - Rio+5 Conference in New York

    - Publication of the "Millenium Declaration", which included the "Millenimum Development Goals"

  9. -Adoption of the "Millenimum Development Goals" by the UN

  10. - Johannesburg Summit: World Summit on Sustainable Development

    - Adoption of the "Johannesburg Delcaration" and the "Johannesburg Plan of implementation"

  11. - The Planetary Boundaries Framework (Johan Rockstrom)

  12. - Rio+20 conference

    - Publication of "The future we want"

  13. - Zero Draft Working Group: experts charged of drafting the Sustainable Developmental Goals

  14. - UN Agenda 30: 17 Sustainable Developmental Goals